Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday open thread

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Sunshine said...

Well, I tried to post my pics for you last night, and they were flagged off before they ever went on the board. I also tried posting a couple of comments before the pictures that had nothing to do with flagging, mean etc. and they were immediately flagged. I thought maybe it had something to do with CL since they were flagged so quickly so I made a post using my real name and it stayed on there. I tried another without a moniker and it stayed on as well. I also made a post making fun of the "Go Cards" b i t c h, and it was flagged after about 5 minutes. None of it adds up or makes any sense. The flaggers are picking and choosing whom and what they don't like to flag. It smells pretty fishy to me. Anyway, I'll try posting a picture without the Sunshine moniker and see how long it stays up. It's really weird, though, the other night when I posted pictures (Saturday) they were not flagged, what gives? The flagger obsesses with this blog so it's just a matter of time before the ass figures it out.

Sunshine said...

Sorry, I forgot to ask...Is Wayne Galliday also known as sarge? and is it possible that he is the one doing the majority of the flagging? I pissed him (Sarge) off a long time ago in a response and made him look like a complete ass because he was being stupid.

MrBold said...

Hey Sunshine,

Mike V's thinks that Dealz is Wayne Golliday. Sarge is Allen H.

I really don't know why your hater hates you as much as they appear to do online.

About the flagging...since the autoflagger was produced at the beginning of this month, all CL boards are getting slammed with out of control flagging. It's a system wide issue. CL is going to have add the captcha confirmation to the flagging process like they did to the posting process to deal with the automated software.

Sunshine said...

Mr. Bold,

This "Mike-Sarge-Wayne-Dealz" thing is confusing as hell. The Mike that doesn't spell well on the R/R said the person that is flagging is the Wayne guy. So is the Mike that can't spell well involved with the politics BS also? I guess in the end, none of it is really important, but I'm the kind of person when I can't figure something out-it irks me.

As for my hater; there are a couple, but the worst one really was offended by a rant I made about my ignorant bitch neighbor. I won't bother you with details, but apparently I hurt her (hater) feelings because she can't have children when I said there was a reason mother nature didn't allow my neighbor to breed. I made an apology on the board, but it didn't do any good. I also think she was jealous at the fact that I DO have children and "Rave" about them. I think the woman has serious problems. Anyway, she has followed every post I've made since then.

That will be cool getting the flagging under control. Your repeated posts really did do some good then didn't it? I put up a picture last night, normal pic, just to see if would be flagged but it stayed up all night. I didn't add "Sunshine" to it though. I'll try another one today.

One more question about the flagging; if they change the flagging policy, will that mean you will have to type the character letters for everytime you flag? That should not only shut down the autoflagger, but that should prevent flagging from the lazy people that just like to flag what they don't like.

MrBold said...

Yeah you got two Mikes. Mike the smiley guy is the newbie and Mike V is the guy who thinks it's Wayne Golliday doing the flagging. Mike V has convinced Mike Z. Both Mikes are not great spellers but Mike V is really the politics hound.

The only good my repeated posts did was apparently occupy the flagger for a while but he/she has managed to chase off everyone else who write about anything other than the bel ridge police chief.

And yeah the captcha system is the only thing at this point craigslist would consider as a solution to the flagging problem. The captcha system was designed to defeat autoposting so it only seems fair that it be used for autoflagging as well.

MrBold said...
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Sunshine said...

How did you get around the captcha with roboposter?

Thanks for filling me in on the Mike(s) situation. I understand a little more.

Between you and I, I think it still has something to do with the Lisbon Crew. Going just by posters and certain types of posts that get flagged. To me, it seems like a logical answer. I don't think it's all of them, but there a a couple of bad apples in the group, which is why I never let my guard down with any of them.

I like this blog site. It doesn't take forever to communicate back and forth. Did you know that other than R/R, this is my very first blogger?

OK, enough about the flagging BS, let's find some good topics to discuss. I'm kind of bored today.

MrBold said...

Sunshine asks "How did you get around the captcha...?"

I didn't sunshine. I had to put the captcha in every time by hand. If I wanted to get real serious about though, I could have added the captcha reader to further automate the process.

I'm glad you're liking blogger sunshine. If you start a blogger account you can have comments emailed to you based on what you choose to subscribe to.

I'll start a new open thread for your last topic suggestion Sunshine.


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