Monday, July 7, 2008

Open thread

Here's a place to get wordy if the chat box is getting you down.

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MrBold said...

S. City wrote:

and i wont be doing any drinking until the afterparty on Aug 2nd. gotta get pumped up for this one!

What does your BF think about your sobriety pledge? That's gonna be tough to do.

S. City said...

He doesnt care- more for him. we really dont drink all that much believe it or dont. he works 7 days a week, so the most he drinks (besides the holiday benders) are 1-2 beers a night.

I will be in Chicago next weekend and Kansas City the weekend after that so we dont have much time for each other at all this month:(

S. City said...

I love that duck, Bold. That is great!

Okay, so here it a tact question (since i lack tact most of the time):

This acquantance of mine highly recommended a certain musical artist to me- Girl Talk- so I bought it without even listening to it. And it is really, really bad. I mean, it is so bad it makes me angry- like someone threw together all the over-played early 90s house music (no no, that is too complimentary- these are top 40 early 90s songs that you heard on the radio way too many times), mashed it all together with absolutely no thoguht put into the mixing at all, slapped a unicorn on the cover, called it GirlTalk and marketed it to dumb girls who dont know good music.

Anyway, I think he was just testing me to see if I had any taste in music whatsoever. Should I call him out on it or just let it be?

MrBold said...

You know me S. City, I always advocate confronting stupidity.

Hell you lost $15 and an hour of your life listening to it. I say rage on...

S. City said...

You have a point there. Tho I prolly should listen to more than just the first two songs before blasting him.

now i want to talk about streaking at the cardinals games. how do the streakers get down onto the field and what is the punishment? Jail? Fine? Misdemeanor? I would totally streak so long as I didnt have to spend a night in the city jail! i am a fan of public nudity:)


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