Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday open thread

Here is today's open thread

Sunshine starts it off by speculating:
I think you are going to start seeing more of this weird-no explanation attempts at suicide, stand-offs, robberies, spousal executions, etc.

Between the heat, the gas prices, people losing jobs, the housing market (foreclosures), and the beginning of a's going to start driving people insane. Those that already border on being nuts could easily be pushed over the edge.


MrBold said...

I think that's a pretty safe bet Sunshine.

Conservatives like tell you that the size of the criminal element in our society has nothing to do with environmental factors like jobs and education, but rather it's an individual who chooses to do wrong with no motivating factors. If you make the penalties harsh enough, then that makes the choice for an individual easier to make for doing something good.

Liberals take a slightly different view. It's been shown that when people get closer to the margins and they don't have much left to lose, they are more likely to turn to crime. It's far cheaper to provide a safety net for people in trouble before they turn to crime than paying for their prison time later.

Crime and punishment-it's a good topic Sunshine.

S. City said...

i already know of 2, maybe 3 people committing suicide just this summer alone. the 3rd was a drug overdose so i am not if it was suicide or accidental but he was definitely going thru some tough times.

Sunshine said...

I know of two people that were fired from their jobs because of theft in the company. Both employees were "stand-up" type people that would have never or never did anything immoral on the job previously, but chose to steal money from the company.

One of them, found out later, was in the process of having his house forclosed and two children to support.

It's a shame that this kind of thing happens to people who were once seen as great individuals.

During these times, I think we will start to see who can stand strong and who falls short.

Everyone, not just poor people are going to feel the strain of poverty, here and there. When sales go down in a lot of businesses as the price of everything climbs, we will have to reevaluate how we spend our money.

You mentioned getting roboflagger the other day, Mr. Bold, and I thought to myself-how could I justify spending the money on something like that when it is time for school clothes shopping, and the chance to travel one last time this summer. When it comes down to a dollar amount, you have to figure in the important things over frivolous spending. This is becoming a reality for most now.

MrBold said...

I think I said roboposter. Roboflagger is for conservatives who like to censor.

Or you could just vent here for free Sunshine. I like to consider myself a pretty fair moderator who leans towards inclusiveness of all views.

As far as standing firm or falling short...more and more individuals in the face of crisis get desparate. When people get desparate they will do all kinds of things. You can't separate individual actions from the context the person finds themselves in.

Sunshine said...

I agree, Mr. Bold, it does make me feel bad for those people and their families, but in the end we have to "look out" for our own first. It could be any one of us that faces the chopping block.

I don't have much to rant about, but I appreciate the gesture. I do have much to rave about, does that bother anyone, lol?

Really, it's nice to know that I can have a good discussion, no matter what the topic is on this blogger!

MrBold said...

You can rant and rave about whatever you'd like on open threads Sunshine.

Sunshine said...

Yeah, I guess the only thing missing is the chance to post my ta-ta's free and clear! *chuckle*

Well, in due time.

wabah58 said...

What time? Im on the edge of my seat, can't wait.


S. City said...

i have cut back on my starbucks treats and shopping and sushi and am waiting longer between hair appointments thanks to the recession. oh and i havent had a "real" vacation in 3 years:(

i am getting pretty stressed about having to refinance my house. my ARM is set to expire this winter. i can afford an increase in my interest rate up to a couple of percentage points but if they want a down payment, i am pretty much fukt.

bold, how much do you know about this new bill re the mortgage crisis. should i chill a bit and wait for the bill or should i hop on this now?? it sure does suck to have to pay more money just to atay in the same small house I have lived in for the past 5 years!

MrBold said...

Hmm as far as I know s. City the bill in Congress right now addresses the fannie mae/freddie mac crisis only. If you have an arm mortgage now I'd look into going into the fannie mae system. ARMs are the worse mortgage you can get.

I have a friend in real estate though. I'll ask her over the week end.

S. City said...

Please do and let me know what she says. the bill covers more than just fannie mae and freddie mac loans from what i read on cnn.

as far as being the "worst" mortgage i dont totally agree. what it did was help me get into a house when i otherwise wouldnt have been able to- since i didnt have a down payment and wasnt making the salary then that i make now. from my rudimentary understanding of it, the problem with the ARMs is that the mortgage agents let people borrow more than they could afford- i resisted that temptation. also, they loaned to people with poor credit. (anything to make that sale!) a friend of mine with poor credit was told she'd have to come up with 30 grand for a down payment and would pay a grand more per month after her ARM expired. yikes!

thankfully i am not in the bad credit boat but a down payment will sting a bit...

let me know what your friend says please:)

ps the bill just passed.

Sunshine said...

I have my house for sale right now and it sucks with the housing market. The worst part is if we do sell the house, we will have to put down 20% on the next house because we go stated. All of this so I can move to fresh air and a little chunk of land. I guess I do have something to rant about. The whole fukin thing makes me angry. I think I just block it out.

Good luck S. City, I heard those arm loans are what screwed a lot of people with the foreclosures. Be careful. I would get out of that while I had the chance.

Sunshine said...
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