Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Setting up a blogger account

If you use hotmail or google mail you already qualify easily for a blogger account.

If you don't have either of those you will be prompted to create a google email account. You can make up whatever ID you want, as you go along, to preserve your anonymonity. Once you have a blogger account like the contributors on the right, you can be an author with posting rights.


Sunshine said...

Actually, Mr. Bold, for now...I like doing things just the way they are if it's all right with you.

If I would like to start a new thread, I can just ask in the shout box, "Can I have an open thread-please?" It works well for me.

If there's something you want to ask me, just feel free to ask. I'm always honest, and don't ever hide anything.

Maybe in the near future I can join the blogger site. I think I will nedd a new moniker first. My Dad gave me the name Sunshine. He has been calling me that since I was a little girl. He said I was his first born sunshine. Since he is a die-hard republican (don't hold it against him) it wouldn't be fitting to be a contributor known as Sunshine!

MrBold said...



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