Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Open Thread

Here's a place for folks like Sunshine *cough* *cough*...

The chat widget is good for quick hits. Blogger comments function is more like CL. If you start a good topic on here, it could also be turned into a thread all its own.

The Management.


S. City said...

i dont have anything to talk about other than how excited i am for the weekend. i am going to chicago. wheeeeeeeee

MrBold said...

Man I can't wait for this week to be over too.

I guess you have a match up there, do you have anything else planned?

Have you gone to I think it's called "the Green Mill"? It's Capone's old place.

S. City said...

No, we dont have a game- Chicago is hosting an interleague bout with Tucson and I am hoping to learn some new strategies for our next game.

I have not been to the Green Mill- is it in Chicago???

MrBold said...

Yeah it's on 4802 Broadway Ave. It's an old jazz club and Chicago landmark. I haven't been there yet.

Go check it out for me = )

wabah58 said...

Cool rabbit, whats his name?

wabah58 said...

Bold. After a blog and the template and the widgets are all installed, is it time consuming to be the admin? It runs itself after that, doesn't it?

MrBold said...

Yeah it pretty much runs itself. All the comments get emailed to me so it's easy to moderate.

Why? Are you thinking about starting your own?

MrBold said...

The only actual pain in butt part about the template and widgets was the header. But that's because I wanted to go beyond what blogger had.

Besides that the only other hairy part was going 3 columns but that only took an hour to figure out.

wabah58 said...

No Im not starting a blog. I was just wondering out loud if after the theme was up and so on, if it was a daily hassel.

Sunshine said...

Well, since you made it so apparent to folks like me, *sneeze* *sneeze*

I'm just kidding. Sometimes I'm a little dense, forgive me. Until now, I didn't get the other "hints" that you posted before about open thread. Sorry man, I hope the management doesn't get too peeved at me.

However, I am able to comment on a post that someone else made, but for the life of me I cannot find where to start my own thread.

As for your poll, I didn't touch any of it. I am fully aware I am in Liberal Land and visiting someone else' territory, so I respectfully tread lightly. It's not that I'm a Republican, I'm more a little of both, but you all ready know that.

Well, I have to go nighty-night. I have a big breakfast date tomorrow with some wonderful Veterans at the Hospital. They're a little kookie but very interesting.


MrBold said...

You can't start your own thread Sunshine until you're granted rights by me.

And I could certainly see that happening with you but you know I'm trying to keep place pro-liberal values here and wasn't sure where you're at philosophically.

Right now, if you write something particularly compelling in a comment it could generate a post by me or one of the other contributors who passes judgement on its worthiness.

I think you're a good writer Sunshine. You write long form which is good for blogging. And I certainly look forward to more dialogue with you in the future.

MrBold said...

And Sunshine, if you start a blogger account, you can have thread updates emailed to you by blogger so you can stay up to date.

If you worried about anonymity that's fine, just start a junk email account with google or hotmail and go from there.

Wabah, pubwoof, S. City and I all, I think want to keep a firewall between us and the trolls-so it's perfectly cool.

It's like a blog fraternity/sorority.

S. City said...

The rabbit's name is Haasenfeffer but I usually call him HaasBun- which is fitting since he is a house bun (and not a rabbit stew:)

S. City said...

oh, and one of us it totally loaded in that pic. bet you cant tell which one:)

wabah58 said...

Thats a easy one. You can tell it's Haasenfeffe, because of his one droopy ear.

S. City said...

yep, he is one wild hare!


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