Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Local fauxtrage from Gateway Putz-

The brilliant mind of Gateway Putz brings the funny again with a post breathlessly titled:

McCain Tells Obama to Dump Wesley Clark

Why? Well he doesn't say. I can only imagine that Wesley Clark said something horrible like being a POW doesn't exactly qualify someone has having foreign policy experience. McCain fakes outrage and Webb tells him to cool it. How does GatewayPutz take it?

GatewayPutz explains:

This is outrageous!
After General Wesley Clark attacked Senator McCain, a 5 year POW in North Vietnam, another Obama surrogate, Senator Jim Webb, came out today and told McCain to "calm down" about using his service in the campaign.
This comes from a freshman Democrat who based his entire campaign on his military service.

Here's a clue for Jim Webb---
McCain didn't bring it up- Clark did.

Actually no GatewayPutz McCain brings it up every chance he can get. Here's McCain tying Health Care to his time as a POW:
When Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator John Edwards, rebuked McCain's medical-care proposal and noted that he'd always enjoyed government health benefits, McCain responded that he knows what it's like to get inadequate care -- ``from another government.'' During an October debate, while knocking a Hillary Clinton plan to help fund a museum celebrating Woodstock, McCain said he missed the 1969 festival because he was ``tied up at the time.'' Even his rivals applauded.

Bloombeg: McCain Invokes POW Days to Repel Attacks, Court Votes

And GatewayPutz, Jim Webb is a former Navy Secretary under Reagan. That's actual government experience as opposed to riding in a jet and getting shot down.



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