Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marriage, what is it good for?

So, I stumbled across this article today about the decline in black women who get married. The headline fails to note that more and more people of all races are voluntarily passing on the idea of marriage. Actually, the article makes it seem that women are just unlucky at finding that elusive "ONE". Oh those poor poor spinsters. *rolls eyes*

Why arent men just as unlucky? If less women are marrying, arent less men marrying as well? Are the men marrying each other? Only in California!

Apart from the sexist and racist undertones of this article, this is a subject that has been on my mind a lot lately: WHAT IS THE POINT OF MARRIAGE?

Sure, sure there are tax benefits. I give you that. However, I seriously doubt the tax benefits are greater than the cost of even the simplest wedding and certainly not the cost to divorce. Maybe the wedding presents balance the scales a bit but wedding presents are not a very good reason to marry a person, IMHO.

Another reason NOT to marry a person, in my opinion, is insecurity: If I marry him/her, she/he won't leave me (because a divorce is expensive)

So, considering these shoddy reasons TO marry and considering the current 51% divorce rate and considering the low number of happily married people there are in the world (I only know about 3 couples), what is a GOOD reason to marry, what are the benefits, and WHAT IS MARRIAGE GOOD FOR ANYWAY?

Serious question!


MrBold said...

Marriage is a medieval bullshit institution that serves only to clearly delineate property rights of offspring and in cases of spousal death. It doesn't serve much more of a purpose than that.

That being said I encourage all forms of marriage ceremonies that involve open bars.

Sunshine said...

Marriage is just a piece of paper. It's what you feel between each other that really counts. Although, if something were to happen to my husband, He has made sure my kids and I are well taken care of. The most important part of it for me is that everyone in our household carries the same last name, which makes it easy for school and such. We have been married for 16 years, and going strong. It's not the marriage, however, it's us.

Mr. Bitter said...

Marriage License Laws that prevent inbreeding, #1 very good reason. In some states you can marry a close blood relative as long or both partners is sterile.

S. City said...

Well you dont need to be married to breed or give your child his father's last name. You also dont need to be married to receive child support or to carry a life insurance policy on someone.

So there goes those reasons.

Personally I dont like the idea of giving up my beautiful last name, or of being anyone's property. I know women are no longer their husband's property under the law but the fact that they once were makes me uncomfortable with the whole idea of marriage.

MrBold said...

I don't think of wives as property. I like to call them "chattel." That's a good old fashioned Biblical word.

I intend to greet visitors after I'm married:
"Hello! Welcome to my estate. Meet my children while my chattel rustles up some victuals."

Just kidding...I still love the word "chattel" though.

S. City said...

funny, and i thought it was vittles.

i am reading a book about the lives of Amish Women right now- i am fascinated by the Amish lifestyle and love the basic idea, except that women are always the subserviant, second class family member. i like to sew and would enjoy taking care of children but i would not want to do the cooking or the dish washing. i even like doing laundry but am not a fan of food related chores- cooking, washing dishes. i am not much into eating at all- its just a daily pain in my butt.

i am rambling now- but yeah, i could totally be Amish but i dont like the part about women being the servant. how about whoever is best at something, or enjoys something, that person does that? my bf is way better at cooking and dishes than me so he does that crap and i do his laundry:)


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