Monday, July 28, 2008

From the files of the American Taliban-Shooting in Tennessee

Over the week end a gunman opened fire on a bunch of kids performing songs from Annie in a church with a shotgun he concealed in a guitar case. The gunman killed two adults.

The church was Unitarian Universalist-a humanist orientated church that founded their local chapter of the ACLU in Knoxville. The gunman was a conservative that lost his job and blamed the rising wave of liberalism for his problems. Dave Neiwart over at Orcinus has a great write up written from a Unitarian point of view.

Orcinus: Madmen and Martyrs

These kind of events are going to become more and more frequent. The lunatic fringe of conservatism are becoming more and more desperate as their views become marginalized. And these people love their guns.



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